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AnimationFilm & Production Facilitation

Crucial is a proven reliable resource for film and production facilitation in the Caribbean. Based in Barbados, a hub for the region, Crucial can provide major or minor film and video facilitation and ancillary support to any size film crew throughout all Caribbean territories. Whether you need a pair of water wings at ten p.m., a specialized p-tap battery flown in from Miami the next day, a mid-50's male with a limp in his left leg, or closing down a third of our capital, for twenty-four hours, we can make it happen.

Makeup, hair, wardrobe and styling are all covered!

Crucial provides lighting, grip, props and all ancillary facilitation for your production needs.

Dolly setup with remote follow focus on the Red Epic Dragon with Zeiss Superspeed Primes- This commercial was shot in 6K

Our film fixer and facilitation services:


  • Line Producer

  • Location Manager

  • Production Manager

  • Assistant Director

  • Gaffer (Lighting engineer & Electrical)

  • First A/C

  • Key Grip

  • DIT

  • PA

  • Runners

  • Sound/field recordist with gear

  • Grip & Lighting Procurement

  • Location scout

  • Casting Director

  • Fixers

Preproduction & Production Management:

  • Immigration and Customs Logistics

  • Permits and Road Closures

  • Specialty Vehicles

  • Data collation

  • Communication, logistics & planning

  • Media Procurement

  • Organization

  • Casting & Casting Sessions

  • Location scouting (recce)

  • Location fees

  • MUA & Hair

  • Transportation& Fleet Management

  • Catering

  • Props & Art Direction